Département d'informatique
Université du Québec à Montréal
CP 8888, Succ. Centre-ville
Montréal (Québec) H3C 3P8
Phone: 514-987-3000, #5516
Office: PK-4525
Email: blondin_masse[dot]alexandre


I have completed my Ph.D. in mathematics and computer science under the supervision of Professors Srecko Brlek, from Université du Québec à Montréal, in Canada, and Laurent Vuillon, from Université de Savoie, in France.

Since August 1st, 2014, I'm a regular assistant-professor at Université du Québec à Montréal, in Canada.




Below is the list of students whom I have supervised in the past or whom I actually supervise

Ph.D. students

  • Alexsandro Da Fonseca, FRQNT scholarship (Falls 2013-...)
    Representation of collocations in lexical networks based on lexical functions and the semantic web
  • Edmond La Chance (Falls 2013-...)
    Graph DB for runtime monitoring
  • Hugo Tremblay, NSERC scholarship (Falls 2012-...)
    Linear algorithms for discrete figures

Master students

  • Jean-Marie Poulin (Winter 2015-...)
    Semantic disambiguation of dictionaries
  • Maxime Samson (Falls 2014-...)
    Polyominoes having a maximum number of leaves
  • Raouf Bouklab (Winter 2013-...)
    Enumeration of minimum feedback vertex sets
  • Jérôme Tremblay (Falls 2012-...)
    Polyominoes enumeration

Undergraduate students

  • Simon Désaulniers (Summer 2013-...)
    Polyominoes enumeration

Former students

Master students

  • Amadou Makhtar Tall (Winter 2013-Falls 2015)
    On the arithmetics of discrete figures

Undergraduate students

  • Francis Guérin, NSERC scholarship (Summer 2014)
    Metaheuristics for the feedback vertex set problem
  • Martin Lavoie
    • Summer 2014 (NSERC scholarship)
      Words equations in Haskell
    • Summer 2013-Falls 2013
      Union-cat trees
  • Mélodie Lapointe
    • Summer 2014 (NSERC scholarship)
      Combinatorics on words and tilings
    • Summer 2013 (NSERC scholarship)
      Snake polyominoes and tilings
    • Summer 2012
      Enumeration of feedback vertex sets in directed graphs
  • Michaël Larouche
    • Summer 2013-Falls 2013 (NSERC scholarship)
      Generating conjectures on polyominoes with graph DB
    • Summer 2012-Winter 2013
      Solving equations on words
  • Sarah Desmeules, NSERC scholarship (Summer 2012)
    Multipseudoperiodic words