Tables of mathematical constants and numbers

They are available for free and maybe distributed anywhere to any person.

Now here are the original documents (I removed the Gutenberg Project note at the beginning).

The first 1000 Euler Numbers
The First 1001 Fibonacci Numbers
The first 498 Bernoulli Numbers
Miscellaneous Mathematical Constants
The Value Of Zeta(3) To 1,000,000 places

BUT they are NOT for SALE.

This is  how documents that I created and donated to the Gutenberg Project ended
up to be on sale at

The following sites are illegally selling a book they copied at the gutenberg site  I suggest you read my review there
Microsoft corporation

The book has a ISBN number (which is bogus) it is

They also have this front page :

math   math   math

This is a theft of intellectual property and illegal.

This book or document is not worth much money BUT I am quite worried how these companies are
STEALING documents to later sell them for a profit even when those documents where created to
be given for free by me.